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“PSGC Response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act””


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

On Thursday, November 16, the US House of Representatives voted to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The Pittsburgh Student Government Council (PSGC) is disappointed with the outcome of the House’s vote. The legislation in its current form is detrimental for higher education. Specifically, Sec. 1201 and Sec. 1204 of the bill significantly increase the cost of higher education for both graduate and undergraduate students.

The PSGC serves as “the representative for the common needs and concerns of our collegiate learners to all persons and groups which act to service and/or hold authority unto the students.”  Our Council is currently comprised of elected student representatives from the member universities that make up the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE). It is our duty to stand up for the students of Pittsburgh, and take action in order to uphold their rights, vitality and well-being. Certainly, the introduction of provisions that will create a huge financial burden on students is not in their best interest.

According to Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation, “Sec. 1201 and 1204 lead to increased revenue of $64.8 billion for the government over the next decade.” The youth are tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. If these proposed changes are implemented, students would be deterred from pursuing higher education. Thus, this bill would hurt our nation’s innovation, growth, and economy.

The PSGC recommends that you contact your congressional representative, state officials, and university administrators voicing your opposition to this legislation. We also call upon on our Congressional representatives to oppose these provisions of the bill moving forward. These provisions will be devastating to students.