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City Leadership

Below are the names and contact information for the Mayor and each member of the Pittsburgh City Council. We will post initiatives with the City on this page.

Mayor: William Peduto
Feedback Form: pittsburghpa.gov/mayor/feedback
hone: 412-255-2626

D1: Darlene Harris
E-mail: Darlene.Harris@pittsburghpa.gov
Phone: 412-255-2135

D2: Theresa Kail-Smith
E-mail: Theresa.Kail-Smith@pittsburghpa.gov
Phone: 412-255-8963

D3: Bruce Kraus
E-mail: Bruce.Kraus@pittsburghpa.gov
Phone: 412-255-2130

D4: Natalia Rudiak
E-mail: Natalia.Rudiak@pittsburghpa.gov
Phone: 412-255-2131

D5: Corey O’Connor
E-mail: Corey.OConnor@pittsburghpa.gov
Phone: 412-255-8965

D6: R. Daniel Lavelle
E-mail: Daniel.Lavelle@pittsburghpa.gov
Phone: 412-255-2134

D7: Deborah Gross
E-mail: Deborah.Gross@pittsburghpa.gov
Phone: 412-255-2140

D8: Daniel Gilman
E-mail: Daniel.Gilman@pittsburghpa.gov
Phone: 412-255-2133

D9: Rev. Ricky Burgess
E-mail: Ricky.Burgess@pittsburghpa.gov
Phone: 412-255-2137