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County Leadership

Below are the names and contact information for the County Executive and each member of the Allegheny County Council. We will post initiatives with the County on this page

County Executive: Rich Fitzgerald
E-mail: Executive@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6500

Council At-Large: John DeFazio (President)
E-mail: jdefazio@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6516

Council At-Large: Samuel DeMarco III
E-mail: SDeMarcoIII@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6520

District 1: Thomas Baker
E-mail: thomas.baker@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6525

District 2: Cindy Kirk
E-mail: ckirk@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6530

District 3: Edward Kress
E-mail: edward.kress@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6535

District 4: Michael J. Finnerty
E-mail: mfinnerty@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6540

District 5: Sue Means
E-mail: sue.means@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6545

District 6: John F. Palmiere
E-mail: jpalmiere@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6550

District 7: Nicholas Futules (Vice-President)
E-mail: nfutules@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6555

District 8: Dr. Charles Martoni
E-mail: cmartoni@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6560

District 9: Robert J. Macey
E-mail: rmacey@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6565

District 10: DeWitt Walton
E-mail: dwalton@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6570

District 11: Paul Klein
E-mail: pklein@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6575

District 12: James R. Ellenbogen
E-mail: jellenbogen@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6580

District 13: Denise Ranalli Russell
E-mail: drussell@alleghenycounty.us
Phone: 412-350-6585