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Undergraduate Student Representative 1


I am Kaitlyn Shirey, Executive Vice President of Chatham University’s Student Body.  I am a sophomore majoring in Mathematics and Creative Writing.  I hope to work in the development and implementation of clean energy and green lifestyles after graduating from Chatham.  I just completed a summer abroad in Iceland where I studied Renewable Energy.  I plan to use my double major to communicate high level science and math concepts to people who do not have degrees in those fields.  Besides Student Government, I am also involved in Chatham’s Scholar’s Program, and I work as a bike mechanic and a physics tutor.


Undergraduate Student Representative 2


My name is Teri Bradford and I’m the Executive President of Chatham University’s Student Government.  I am a junior at Chatham and am studying Communications with a focus in Journalism and a minor in Business. I am passionate about making sure everyone at least has the opportunity to have their voice heard, especially those who are typically silenced. I also am interested in making things accessible to all people in a way that is culturally sensitive and inclusive of as many identities as possible. I like writing and am the editor in chief of Concept: The Magazine.